Volvo S40 Part - Got one....sort of!

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Re: Volvo S40 Part - Got one....sort of!

Post by M60NJP » 22 Dec 2011, 19:53

Well, after a false dawn I got one....ish.

I found the exact part in the U.S. but as I was establishing if the guy would post overseas.......some other person bought it.

Kept looking - none of the breakers had one- and a very similar one came up on EBay at a very good price (£40 with free p&p). It's off a slightly lower spec car so only has aircon controls not climate control, so the temperature control runs blue to red (vs 18, 20, 22 degrees etc with CC), but it has got the right switches.

Hope it works - arrived today - will be fitted tomorrow. For £40 I'll take the chance and sell it on if it doesn't work. The S40 is fairly low tech so not too complicated in electrical terms (1995 original design!).

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