It must be silly season??

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It must be silly season??

Post by M60NJP » 26 Aug 2015, 08:32

OK, ther'es not much news around at this time of year, but two complete morons in two days?" onclick=";return false;
Why didn't he just slow down and drive carefully onto the hard shoulder - it was only a flat on the trailer? Hope he gets the book thrown at him.
This bloke however is a menace to society. I'm no fan of cyclists generally speaking but this was a woman riding along minding her own business and asking someone civilly to let her pass. He must have 'issues' so will probably get clean away with it?" onclick=";return false;

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Re: It must be silly season??

Post by Jessie » 19 Oct 2015, 14:41

Speaking as someone with a C license I think the 750kg trailer thing is stupid. You should have training if you want to pull any trailer in my opinion. On the way back from Middlesborough last week saw a proper muppet, he was tailgating us in my Pa's 218d on the M42, two lane section. We were overtaking a line of lorries so is not like he could pull over and let the guy past. Eventually dad pulls in when he can and this guy rattles past, he's driving an ancient Landcruiser, with a trailer with another car on the back going WAY over the towing limit, his trailer has plates that don't match the car, once he's past us an 18 tonner pulls out in front to overtake another lorry and he tailgates that then blasts off at about 80 with his mate in a C class tailgating him as well. Some people have no fucking brains!


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