Parts Request E87

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Parts Request E87

Post by raw111111 » 20 Oct 2017, 12:37


Fitting a bluetooth Professional Head Unit into my E87 - need a few bits to get the bluetooth working properly. Bits I'm looking for are:

61138377072 x1 Connector for Microphone
61130005197 x4 Terminals for Connectors
84316938762 x1 Microphone
84106936148 x1 Microphone Housing
61119129360 x1 FAKRA USB Co-Axial
84109237653 x1 USB/AUX Socket

Thanks in advance,


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Location: Cambridge

Re: Parts Request E87

Post by Barons BMW Parts » 26 Oct 2017, 15:32

Good afternoon,
thank you for you enquiry. Please find below prices as requested.

61138377072 £1.08
61130005197 £1.79 each
84316938762 £41.92
84106936148 £5.40
61119129360 £33.48
84109237653 £31.32

We do not carry these parts in stock but there are all available to order in from BMW UK overnight

If I can help further please call me on 01954 784593

Kind regards


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