E64 NBT retrofit

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Re: E64 NBT retrofit

Post by Mafiosina » 19 Jul 2017, 20:08

That's the thing, not sure if wiring is correct. My fitters are experts in sounds systems upgrades but not retrofits, so they made it up as they went along a bit for some of this stuff, escpecially the mics and the DAB antennas

So really Need some guidance on how 2 mics should be wired. You would have had 2 mics on your e64 right? I thought the reason for 2 mics was one was used for Bluetooth hands free and the other for voice recognition

But You say NBT only requires 1 mic? So did you not bother connecting other mic then. Does your voice recognition work?


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Re: E64 NBT retrofit

Post by Maxwell » 20 Jul 2017, 06:31

everything worked :d
Wire your mics as follows:

Mic 1
Pin 17 +
Pin 22 -
Pin 33 Shield

Mic 2
Pin 18 +
Pin 19 -
Pin 25 Shield

NBT Pinout attached below
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