m3 top mounts on 318ti

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m3 top mounts on 318ti

Post by Osian23 » 25 Sep 2015, 00:10

right i just fitted some bilstein b6 shocks with 328 springs and m3 top mounts to my 318ti but my problem is on the pass side the spring perch and spring are slightly rubbing against the arch and on the driver side only the perch seems to be rubbing. i have had a look and have come across 95 m3 top perches would i be correct in saying that these will fit the 328 springs? i have also had a look at the strengthening plate and gasket i this necessary when fitting the m3 top mounts?



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Re: m3 top mounts on 318ti

Post by RayB » 25 Sep 2015, 00:38

Evo springs have a slightly smaller top coil which is why yours are rubbing. Adding M3 top mounts shifts the centre of the spring/damper over so the addition of the strengthening plate might drop it down enough to make the clearance

It works for some but not all

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