E92 325i Ownership Experience

New for 2014. A sub-forum for owners to summarise their ownership of a particular model. Not a full blown road test but highlights for potential owners to read and consider.
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E92 325i Ownership Experience

Post by wynne71 » 01 Jul 2014, 10:09

Running Costs
Parts can be expensive, e.g.: two drive shafts and two ABS sensors came to over £500, with second hand parts. But, similar with any expensive marque.
Recent service by main dealer was sub £200 for oil, filter, micro filter and brake fluid.
RFT 18" tyres look very expensive, and harsh, so will be swapping for non RFT when these wear out.

Road Fund Licence Cost (at time of posting!)
Currently on a twelve month ticket for £200. Has crept up by £5 this year though.
However, for a three litre, six cylinder petrol engine, this is good.

Insurance + explanation (e.g. £345 Age 35, max NCD in Midlands)
£424 with 3 years no claims living in the Midlands, "professional" job, 43 year old.

MPG- Expand with urban, motorway etc
If treated gently, and it is pretty easy to as the engine is very docile at low revs, I average 34mpg over a tank. This is usually one trip to Bristol and back and cross town commuting during the week.
I have seen a tank average of over 40mpg on a long run, keeping within all speed limits, air con off etc.
I've also seen a tank average of 22mpg when exploring the roads of North Wales.

The good bits
A VERY practical coupe. Got the wife, two teenage boys and all our "essential" stuff to Cornwall and back in comfort.
A lovely 6 cylinder growl on start up, and when revved.
Understated looks in SE spec, not "look at me" but still stylish and aggressive.
If chosen with the right spec, a great place to sit. Electric sunroof is great in this weather, heated/electric/memory leather seats good, auto lights, auto wipers, xenons, rear park sensors etc. But, not all cars ticked the spec boxes when looking.
Even in "detuned" guise, the 3.0 is an excellent engine for all driving, really comes alive over 4K revs, but is very docile and has tonnes of torque low down.
Excellent value for money in my eyes, paid less than £10K for an average miles, well specced car in excellent condition. The engine size scare people off, it shouldn't!

The bad, including what to look out for when buying the particular model?
Standard Professional stereo is a bit wooly, needs the Alpine upgrade as a minimum.
Broke down within an hour of buying! Needed two new ABS sensors and driveshafts, under warranty. You can now just buy the speed rings to fit onto the drive shafts, rather than a whole new drive shaft, they cost £12 each.
Gear selection in the manual is a struggle between 1st and 2nd, doesn't want to be rushed. Other changes are ok though.
RFT tyres are a pain, affecting ride and handling, this increases as the tyre size increases.
Very sensitive to specification when choosing, make sure you have the right boxes ticked, esp as retro-fitting some of these is a pain and expensive.
Check paintwork, generally very tough, but the odd blemish and "orange peel" can be seen.
100% service history an must, as with all cars, but the correct oil is essential.
Watch the oil gauge (annoyingly only a dash display, no dip stick), it DOES use oil!
Tuning of the engine is limited and has limited results, unless the 330i manifold and remap is done, but this will set you back over £1K......
Finding a post Sept 2007 325i in the right spec with a manual box and not silly miles......pre-Sept 2007s had the 2.5 six cylinder, which is a good engine, but significantly higher tax band for the same power output.

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