E39 530i touring ownership insight

New for 2014. A sub-forum for owners to summarise their ownership of a particular model. Not a full blown road test but highlights for potential owners to read and consider.
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E39 530i touring ownership insight

Post by Discostew38 » 15 Jul 2014, 14:36

My ownership insight of my E39 530i touring auto

Year of car 2001
Year bought 2011
Tax cost ( this was the best of both it was a 2001 face lift but registered jan so pre c02 tax band) £240 ish
Fuel cost 27 MPG day to day and 17 MPG towing the caravan

In Brief

Bought it blind off eBay from a car dealer as one of he's trade in's that was to old for them to put on the front
So It could of been bad but. As it turned out it was a great car
It had full service history 109,000 miles on the clock and drove like it was new
The boot space is good in fact it's very good the seats fold down flat the load cover/dog guard can be removed and stowed in front of the rear seats and from there you can still use the dog guard and there is still space under the boot floor (with a full size spare wheel)

Bought as a tow car for our caravan and it had a removable tow bar that was easy to take on and off
And it towed well no shortage of performance

I think the 3.0 petrol engine is the best option the V8 would be nice but they tend to have the odd problem
And this does do 27 mpg which don't sound that good but the 2.0/2.3/2.8 won't do any better as it's a big car for a small engine it has to work harder and I have a 330d so I know what the fuel economy and performance is like for that engine in a smaller car so I don't think that would be that much better on MPG and you will pay more for the diesel

Bad bits

The touring has air rear suspension and this can go wrong but it's just a maintenance item if you own one long enough you will need to replace an air bag or pump just the same as you can get a Broken spring
And I've seen cars with auto gearbox faults but that's the same with all bmw autos
The only thing that didn't work on mine was the parking sensors
Apart from that everything worked as it should and the only thing I replaced was the rear tyres
Sold it with 120,000 miles a year later replaced it with a land rover discovery (didn't drive as good but was a better tow car)
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Re: E39 530i touring ownership insight

Post by Gus247 » 15 Jul 2014, 15:13

thanks bud, very informative :)
aka Andy


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