Dyno Day

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Re: Dyno Day

Post by Discostew38 » 11 Aug 2015, 13:43

I'm working
So no can do
Life's to short to be driving boring cars
It's all about the old school

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Re: Dyno Day

Post by Devil » 12 Aug 2015, 06:23

I'd be interested, as I want mine remapped as well - See how much power she really has...
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Re: Dyno Day

Post by Prince » 15 Aug 2015, 20:42

Cheers for letting me know guys. Anyone who does want to join me let me know asap please so I can let the guys know. :thumbup:
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Re: Dyno Day

Post by M4conv » 17 Aug 2015, 07:01

If there's a few people going I might pop along too, probably just to be social as not even had my run in service yet so don't want it thrashed on the dyno.

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