Run Flat Tyres.

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Re: Run Flat Tyres.

Post by GTB511 » 18 Jun 2017, 21:46

M60NJP wrote:
GTB511 wrote:It's very odd, either I'm a numpty or I've never experienced any issues on RFT's. I've owned a number of modern BMW's and have never had a problem. Current stable includes Z4, 220i convertible and 440i M Sport on 20's.........just saying tiz all. :-bd
Unless you've run the same car without them you of course wouldn't know the difference!!
Wow, that's one way of closing a conversation. Old gits sticking together?
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Re: Run Flat Tyres.

Post by Singvogel » 19 Jun 2017, 16:26

Tweed wrote:Hi Singvogel, the RF's on my car are Bridgestone Potenza and I can't wait till they need replacing! I know nobody is forcing me to keep them till they wear out but I'm not about to chuck them in the bin either. Interesting you speak well of Conti Sports ... my misses has Prem. Contact 2's on her MGTF and they've always seemed OK .. mind you, she doesn't exactly ear'ole it round corners. I have a soft spot for the Avon ZZ5 when the time comes to change, maybe because I have Avon Turbospeed cross-ply's on an MG TC.
I totally agree with you on the closeness of the tow-ball ... although the detachable Westfalia on the Audi was as bad and it left a scuff on the rear valence when the ball extended after it was un-hooked. I now engage the Motor Mover rather than the caravan brake , and move it back a fraction with that.
What I mean by the switch being 'non-latching', is that it returns to the centre. The Audi stayed up, or down, and was easier to cancel. The BMW caught me out a few times at first when I thought I'd cancelled it, but in fact I'd just put the opposite indicator on! Not drastic and now I know, but BMW drivers get enough stick!
Not having a 'Motor Mover' on my trailer, I always pull forward a little before unhitching to make sure that the hitch is pulled forward - easy to tell by looking at the rubber bellows cover.

As for the indicator stalk - I believe it's designed to have a 2-stage operation.

Push lightly and it returns to the centre position - push harder and it should 'latch' in place until you have completed the cornering/turning manoeuvre.

One of the features I like is that you can select that a single touch on the lever gives 3 flashes of the indicator.

The only drawback I've experienced with run-flats is that almost all tyre-fitters in the UK refuse to repair them.

They can be repaired (subject to an interior inspection like any other tyre) and I've had a couple fixed -one in Germany and another in Austria.

In the UK they usually just refuse, without even looking at the tyre.

I carry a space-saver and have always fitted it as soon as the TPMS makes me aware of a puncture.
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