BMW professional audio problem

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Re: BMW professional audio problem

Post by TheRoosterina325Ci » 13 Jun 2017, 13:21

davidc51 wrote:If you mean the compartment on the opposite side of the boot to the battery - it's dry. Otherwise where can I find any of these modules?
Add this to the fact that the car is kept in a dry garage and I can't remember the last time I drove it in the rain I think it's unlikely to be dampness. If you can point me to the location of any more relevant modules I'll certainly check though.

Is it the case that all the dashboard audio sounds and the radio display are provided by one module and, if so, does it control anything else? If so what is the module called please?
Thanks for your help.
Hi Davidc51. I have read your various posts with interest and although a great many BMW owners really do love keeping their local dealers supplied with much needed income,I am surprised that there is no mention by yourself of having a very very friendly BMW Independent to attend to the various idiosyncrasies that a car of the age that yours has reached can throw-up.

The latest Software can/is very expensive - if an Independent can get it but at the age of the one that you have I would think that everything is a diagnostic probability.
Ignorance of a complex subject is often described as bliss,but in the case of the complexities of an E46 it sometimes also needs deep pockets.

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