N62 Alternator bracket gasket

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N62 Alternator bracket gasket

Post by Hi-Fi Man » 06 Jul 2017, 12:36

The dreaded alternator bracket gasket
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Hi all, been a while since ive been on here but I do drop in from time to time. Anyway, happy to report the 650i is running well and is as potent as ever. I am not sure what the previous owner did to it apart from remove most of the exhaust (it has two 3 inch pipes running from the cats to the back boxes and that's it) but I had it put on a rolling road and it makes 420bhp and its loud and very quick. The reason for this post is that ive been plagued by engine oil leaks, so far I have replaced the rocker gaskets, the oil pressure switch and now I have just done the alternator bracket gasket. I can not believe that these engines were designed this way, the part cost £3.19 plus vat and my local indi refused to quote for the job, BMW main dealer in Croydon wanted £2000! yes you read that right.
Well I am not prepared to pay that if I can help it, so I gave it a go myself. What a nightmare job, there was oil everywhere which had to be cleaned up, my tool kit is not exactly workshop standard but I got by with a pair of Rhino ramps and a 30 year old trolley jack to support the engine and various sockets and Torx bits. The most important tool you will need is a 3/8 inch universal joint for one of the engine mount bolts, a half inch one wont fit. The biggest faf I had was getting the alternator out and back in and I managed to break the little wire that goes to the alternator, so had to solder that back together. Then with the engine lowered and bolted back down the bloody alternator would not go back in so I had to jack the engine back up again. The long and the short is it is a real fidly, no room to move pig of a job but it is doable, even by people with limited diy skills, you just need to persevere. I would do this on a 5 6 or 7 series but not an X5 that's even harder as the front diff has to come out. Anyway, job done, no leaks and two grand better off.
I have gleaned some research and the reason these seals go bad early is one, the rubber they are made of and two, more importantly, the engines are deliberately set to run TOO hot in order to improve emissions when driving slow around town. To that end I have imported a modified thermostat from the US that lets the engine run 10 degrees cooler which should prevent all my new rubber gaskets going bad, only time will tell.
Happy motoring, bye for now.
Just the power steering pump to go
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