335d or D3 alpina

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Re: 335d or D3 alpina

Post by Lewy » 17 Sep 2017, 10:08

I was actually kidding gents, but there was a valid message in there and that is to expect a diesel to drop in value massively over coming years. Doesn't matter if you like em or not, that WILL happen.

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Re: 335d or D3 alpina

Post by Jackl86 » 17 Sep 2017, 12:41

M60NJP wrote:Prejudices aside......

335 can be remapped to be seriously quick, the Alpina less so. Although not entirely objective, not sure I'd trust an Alpina to be serviced outside real experts do I'd check there's one nearby?

As said, much better residuals on the D3 so if you don't need the performance, that and the exclusivity would be the attraction fir me.

Usual diesel issues with both if used for a lot of town driving.

This is what i wasnt sure on, some of the figures iv seen from the 335 are quite interesting, i dont want to go full on race mode but something that gets the most out of the engine.
I hadn’t thought of the alpina servicing to be honest so ill have a look at that,
At the moment i drive 70 miles down the m4 on a sunday park up, get the bus to work and then drive back friday and a few different trips at the weekend here or there.
I woudlnt totally rule out a petrol but at the moment the diesel suits my needs with the longer journeys

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