Re-align the DDE and EWS

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Re-align the DDE and EWS

Post by Zennon » 22 Mar 2017, 13:29

Being new to INPA I managed to immobilise my car over the weekend. After an exhaustive search I found the solution on another site with a step by step guide on how to Re-align the DDE and EWS. I have heard that BMW stealers charge approx. £200 for this update but actually only take 5 mins to do if you have INPA.

How you do it?

1- Launch inpa
2 - Select Chassis (E60)
3- Select the engine
4- Choose the model of the engine
5- Select option: activate (usually F5 but check in your inpa)
6- Select option: EWS (Usually top option)
7- Select option: reset (F2) ----> in progress ----> click ok (Success message should show on the screen.)
8- Back to the main menu, ie, back, back, back, and close the INPA
9- Turn the ignition off, remove the obd connector and start your car.
10 - Start the car.

Please share the results.

Alan Gunn
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Re: Re-align the DDE and EWS

Post by Alan Gunn » 22 Mar 2017, 14:03

Could come in hand for somebody one day as people do tend to play then forget what they did.

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