Cheap diagnostic generic scanners - don't bother.

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Cheap diagnostic generic scanners - don't bother.

Post by Maxwell » 29 May 2017, 06:24

Fine if you just want a quick code read and reset but most are pretty much useless for anything else, if you have a problem the chances are there will be several codes stored and you will be hard pushed to find the actual root cause of the problem, take for example a dirty or faulty MAF will generate codes for O2 sensors, engine running lean/rich, misfires on various cylinders etc etc, so where do you start spending your money to fix it ?
Do you replace the O2 sensors, spark plugs, injectors, fuel pump then find its still the same.

For around the same money as these code readers (£30) you can get yourself a good OBD cable which will be with a pretty much self installing version of INPA with which you can run full diagnostics including live monitoring of sensors and calibration. This is a far better investment if you want to do your own work on your car.
They also come with NCS/WinkFP meaning you can do coding(NCS) or flashing of new software to modules (WinkFP). It will also come with Tool32 which is an extremely powerful and complex bit of factory software that you largely need to stay away from if you are a beginner.

Also if you shop around you can get ISTA/D (Rheingold) which can not only do the diagnostics but also has all workshop procedures and wiring diagrams, however setup of ISTA/D is a bit tricky.

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