Syncing music via Bluetooth

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Syncing music via Bluetooth

Post by Y15HAL » 24 Jul 2016, 22:20

Good Evening All,

So, I picked up my F10 on Friday, and am chuffed to bits! :) Got a late 2011 530D.

I tested at the time that my iPhone syncs up, and could play music - worked fine.

I have since tried playing music from my phone, and have had no joy. The iPhone is definitely paired up, and under Bluetooth settings, all the options (including music) is ticked.

I tried un-pairing/removing the device and re-pairing, but this has still not worked. I tried syncing my wife's phone, and the same thing happens.

On my phone, I can see that the music is playing (obviously without volume, as it should be coming out of the car speakers), but on the screen in the car, at the top, I can see a circular egg timer (not sure what their official name is) so it looks like its trying to play, but actually doesn't. :(

The telephone function works seamlessly on Bluetooth.

Any help would be much appreciated.



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