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Re: Newbie - couple of points?

Post by neilx6 » 15 Aug 2012, 11:32

Have sent pm on bumper clearance, as to advice on what to buy here are a few tips.
1.Early 840 (93-96)run the m60 v8 4.0 with non steptronic auto box(if you have not had steptronic this means there is no manual gear change steptronic can also manual shift)
2.If later (end 96-99) 840 with m62 v8 4.4 then individual/sport slightly more desirable.
3.Pay great attention on all 8's on the condition of the electrics,make sure you check seat movement (both pass and driver)if electric steering column fitted check this .Also ensure you check window operation on
door open and close(window should drop down a touch on open and close up on shut) in addition check window operation at speed (should when open close when the the speed hits 70mph).
These items on e31 prone to error and are VERY EXPENSIVE TO REPAIR.
4.Pay great attention to the condition of the front nose cone ,in either sport or standard it is a three piece part and will cost around £800 per section to replace.
5.Ensure you inspect the boot (these are prone to leak) and the batteries condition(there are two located either side of the boot well)
6.Most common faults with either m60/m62 are:coil packs , valley gasket, radiator leaks,water pump.Ensure smooth running on idle allow to come to temp then check for leaks/ squeaks and rattles,you should only hear the
gentle whir of the belts and timing chain, get the vendor to blip the throttle and observe the zorst for excessive smoke.
7.Having done the above checks smell the zorst if strong smell like cats pee detected indicates cats are gone.
Please be aware of the following:The brakes are useless and they handle like a beached whale so a supercar they are not, but as a GT with looks style and panache they are awesome.

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